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Joe Slowik

Principal Adversary Hunter
Joe Slowik currently hunts ICS adversaries for Dragos, pursuing threat activity groups through their malware, their communications, and any other observables available. In this role, Joe provides time-sensitive, actionable threat intelligence to enable ICS asset owners and defenders to respond to events effectively and quickly. Prior to his time at Dragos, Joe ran the Incident Response team at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), where he also led efforts to improve and enhance intelligence-focused operations for both response and hunting purposes. Joe served as an Information Warfare Officer in the US Navy prior to working at LANL, performing various cyber-related missions which inform his defensive mindset to this day. Throughout his career in network defense, Joe has consistently worked to 'take the fight to the adversary' by applying forward-looking, active defense measures to constantly keep threat actors off balance.